Let's Talk Bracelets


The tennis bracelet has evolved so much over the years, but the classics keep their allure.

There are so many beautiful designs and new textures; so whether you go for a classic tennis bracelet, bangle, or fashion forward design, find a piece that makes you feel fantastic!


Stacking is in, but make sure you stack with similar weights. You do not want to damage more delicate designs, and always check how your bracelet and timepiece will interact.

Due to its weight and softness, platinum is not recommended for most bracelets.


Classic tennis bracelets have multiple hinges and pins, and over time these gold pins can stretch and expand. Depending on the usage, most tennis bracelets mountings have a 10 year "lifespan" and the gemstones may need to be reset in a new mounting when the hinges get worn out.

To test your bracelet, remove it from your wrist and flip it upside down. Then hold it from one end only. If you see the bracelet curve a lot when it is upside down, it may be time for a new mounting. You don't want to lose your bracelet!