Let's Talk Earrings


Finding the right earring design is very similar to selecting the best frame for glasses. The shape of your face, hair style, and ear lobe makes all the difference on what will look good on you. Find a design that compliments the shape of your face, and works with your hair style.

Diamonds always look better in white metals, but you can also create beautiful contrast with rose or yellow gold.

When buying earrings for special events, always consider the color of your outfit, and bring in fabric to see how it plays with different metal colors.

Due to its weight and tendency to have weak friction for the backings, platinum is rarely used for earrings.

Stud Earrings

For stud earrings, find a nice balance between size and quality. Large bright diamonds look incredible, and stud earrings are like owning a favorite pair of jeans. Buy a pair you will enjoy wearing on a daily basis.

Find the right pair of earrings and enjoy them for years to come!